There's so many good commercial aviation blogs out there - mostly from the States and Canada. But none that I can see from this little island in Northern Europe. With the demise of a great blog by a BA Skipper that many I am sure followed (including me), I've decided to take on the challenge!

I hope you enjoy the commentary on all matters of civil aviation from my vantage point in the left hand seat of Virgin Atlantic's Airbuses!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To get things started - suggestions, if you puhlease!

I guess I could sit in front of the PC and whack out screeds of posts, get repetitive strain injury in the process, along with a set of crooked eyes!

If there is anyone out there in Cyberspace reading this (there has to be one surely!), let me know what you want to see on this Virgin blog what will make it interesting, boring or anything in between.

So many good blogs from State-side, but virtually nada from the island of bangers of mash, jellied eels, warm beer and pretty shitty weather!

Look forward to seeing the suggestions flow!

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