There's so many good commercial aviation blogs out there - mostly from the States and Canada. But none that I can see from this little island in Northern Europe. With the demise of a great blog by a BA Skipper that many I am sure followed (including me), I've decided to take on the challenge!

I hope you enjoy the commentary on all matters of civil aviation from my vantage point in the left hand seat of Virgin Atlantic's Airbuses!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How the special people fly

I thought our Upper Class Suites, stand-up bar onboard the red and silver birds were right up there with the best business class you could hope for. I mean, where-else could you get out your seat, walk aft, perch on a stool and sip a bone dry gin martini while eating nuts?

I was recently over in Toulouse and my eyes almost popped out my head when I saw the interior drawings of what some lucky beggars will be flying in.  This my friends is what an A380 for the mega-rich is going to look like.

Rumours are out there even the next version of Airforce One will be an A380 - but that just can't be the case...the whole of the States would be in mutiny! A 747-8 will be up next to take the temporary White House resident across the globe.

As for me, I'm happy with the vista from the pointy end, and getting paid to see skyscape upon skyscape. Mind you, a sleep in that bed rather than the crew rest compartment is a very inviting prospect!

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