There's so many good commercial aviation blogs out there - mostly from the States and Canada. But none that I can see from this little island in Northern Europe. With the demise of a great blog by a BA Skipper that many I am sure followed (including me), I've decided to take on the challenge!

I hope you enjoy the commentary on all matters of civil aviation from my vantage point in the left hand seat of Virgin Atlantic's Airbuses!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our New Commercial

It's pretty raunchy, it's very glam - and is getting mixed reviews.

What do you THINK?

Click here for the All-New 2010 Virgin Atlantic Commercial


Andy said...

So you finally got around to writing your blog! Not a bad start. You'll start to see some Virgins following you shortly!

Best wishes Andy (B744 VIR)!

Chris said...

How come none of us look like that skipper? Interesting to see how the blog comes along Mike.

Cheers, Chris - and see you next week as we are paired I see!

Mike said...

Hi Andy

Thanks for dropping in. Hope all well with you and see you for a jar or two soon.

Safe Flying!