There's so many good commercial aviation blogs out there - mostly from the States and Canada. But none that I can see from this little island in Northern Europe. With the demise of a great blog by a BA Skipper that many I am sure followed (including me), I've decided to take on the challenge!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Carnage Matey!

Not the best advert for the biggest most powerful aeroplane turbine out there. It's about as bad as it gets - as those failures are supposed to be contained in the casing. As you can see, it didn't happen.

A380s can operate safely on just two engines and some experts say there was no real danger. But others caution that it was more potentially dangerous than it might first appear, particularly given that sections of the blown engine could have caused more damage to the wing and that controls for the adjoining engine seem to have been damaged - which might explain why the crew are said to have been unable to shut it down on landing - with it still powered as the airfield fire service sprang into action.

Emirates doesn't have the Trent - it went with the Alliance GP7000 but the rest as far as I am aware have them.

The crew did a brilliant job in bringing her back to Singapore - some said the landing was super-smooth - which is a testament to both their skills and the aeroplane in the aftermath of what is after all a major failure.

There is more to this story than meets the eye I suspect - and you will find the commentary here as it unfolds from various sources in Toulouse and elsewhere to whom Virgin Driver has access.


WILLO2D said...

Mike, good morning,afternoon, evening or whatever it is wherever you happen to read this...

I've just followed a link from another blog to yours. I guess we followed the same blog for a while. You're right in that there doesn't seem to be many aviation blogs by UK writers; I had about four goes before the current attempt managed to stagger in to the air. I'm not flightdeck crew myself, but spent 24 years in the same club as yourself, though never on the "funbus" - wrong specialisation. I did get nearly 40 hrs in the JP5 at Cranwell, occasionally sitting on a seat that I had fitted - scary!! Were you on the shiney fleet or the "others"?

I'm going to read through your archive now - back soon. Have a good Christmas / IanH

WILLO2D said...

Me again Mike,

Question re RAF VC10 role fit. I realise that it's a while ago that you flew them, but did the RAF ever utilise the capability to ferry a spare engine in a pod just outboard of the stbd wing root? I remember seeing BOAC/EAA aircraft at EGLL fitted with them but can't remember ever seeing an RAF aircraft with them.

Kind regards / IanH