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I hope you enjoy the commentary on all matters of civil aviation from my vantage point in the left hand seat of Virgin Atlantic's Airbuses!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So, you want to be a flying Virgin ?

Nick Faldo in the photo above sitting in a seat reserved for the boss smiling behind!

So, things are starting to look up following some internal rumouring from the "Office" that we're off to the races looking for new hires - and it's true, we sure are. With BA rumbling about hiring, things are looking a tad more rosey who want to join one of the majors here in Blighty.

Someone said to me the other day, with the lay-offs, is Virgin going to invite them back as they have the cuture, the type ratings and are really ready to go. The answer is most likely yes, but with hefty bonds on some of the guys te timing is all off.

Here's what the text-book says regarding the minima:

* At least 2500 - 3000 hours total time
* Commercial candidates should have a minimum of 1500 hours commercial jet time (BAe 146 or above)
* UK issue JAA ATPL
* MCC qualified
* Right of abode in the EU

Reality: if you have an A330/A340 rating - and at a pinch 1800hrs + on the A320 then that gets you at the upper part of the wannabes.

Amd if you have the experience and are young enough - you could make left hand seat in just over 12 years according to the current outlook. Come at 28 and be a skipper before middle age hits you between the eyes!

All the best to those applying.

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